About The Studio

Lija Studios is a creative design studio and shop focusing in graphic design and illustration. With over 7 years of creative practice, Lija Studios creates illustrations, and develops branding for businesses, individuals, and unique projects. Whether it is a brand identity, logo, poster, book cover or custom illustration, Lija Studios works to bring innovative identities to every project.

About the Designer

Elisha Muhammad.  A Graphic Designer by Trade, but an Artist by Nature. A degreed Multimedia Designer with a specialization in Graphic Design, and a passion for anything Artistic and Creative. Since 2015, Elisha has been in the Graphic Design and Creative field. Lija Studios was created as a repository for Elisha’s creative disciplines. Not wanting to be limited by one certain area, she has taken on the title of being a Creative Designer. She is always looking for a new way to be creative and to try something new. Hobbies include painting, yoga and various forms of exercise, cooking, baking, and just a little bit of gardening. Hobbies will soon include ceramics and sewing.

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