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View the various pieces created at Lija Studios ranging from custom and personal projects to the inspirations and drawings behind each design.


Ouronn is a social media with a focus in community development. They wanted to see colors that were more uncommon for social media. They needed a quick and easy to read font and a logo icon that was also simplified but also distinct for easy recognizability. Their brand package included a primary logo plus two variations, a logo icon plus two variations, two patterns, four business card designs, 99 custom characters, social media templates, and brand images.

Nation One Realty

Nation One Realty is a real estate boutique that wanted to step away from the common and traditional colors associated with real estate. This project was a total brand update and refresh. Their brand package included a primary logo plus two variations, two logo icons plus variations, two business card designs, postcard designs, stationery/letterhead templates, yard sign designs, and brand images.


Lounge’d is a faux-practice brand inspired by a font and a color palette. Lounge’d would be a clothing, loungewear company that wants to give loungewear a new sophisticated approach while still being youthful and modern. This brand package included a primary logo plus three variations, three logo icons plus variations, four patterns, two business card designs, two “thank you” postcard designs, two clothing tag designs, and brand images.

Stephanie R.M.

Stephanie R. M. is an individual who wanted to have a recognizable and distinct brand associated to them. Since they are a lifestyle blogger, the main focus of the brand development was color and imagery. This brand package included, a primary logo plus one variation, a logo mark plus one variation, a signature font, a pattern, a business card design, social media templates, and brand images.

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